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Import/Export Calendar

In addition to subscribing, you can also import events from an external calendar, and export Zoho Calendar events to an external calendar.

Imported events can be saved to an existing calendar or a new calendar can be created at the time of importing the events. There are two methods of importing, which are import by file, and import by URL.

Importing individual events is also possible.

What are ICAL files

ICS (Internet Calendaring and Scheduling), sometimes referred to as iCalendar (iCal), is a standardised way of sharing calendar information on the internet. It allows internet users to send meeting requests and tasks to other internet users via email or calendar application. iCalendar data files need supporting software such as an email client or calendar application to be received. Users can respond to the sender easily or counter-propose another meeting date/time.

Import events by file

  1. Click on Settings, and select "Import Calendar" on the left pane.
  2. On the right pane, click on "Choose File" button and browse for the ICS file.
  3. After locating the file, use the "Calendar Name" drop down box to select a calendar to save the events.
  4. Clicking on Import will copy all the events from the ICS file into the Zoho calendar.

Import events by URL

This is the secondary method for importing events into the Zoho calendar. To do this, instead of the ICS file, you need to copy the URL of the external calendar.

  1. Navigate to the Settings page of your Zoho Calendar.
  2. Select "Import calendar" option from the list on the left, and click on "by URL" tab.
  3. In the provided "Web URL" field, paste the iCal URL of the calendar you wish to import.(It can be obtained on the sharing page of that calendar)
  4. Here too, you can select the calendar to which events should be imported, using the "Calendar Name" drop down box.
  5. Click on the "Import button".


  • Note that after import, if any changes are made in the external calendar, the above process needs to be redone for the changes to get updated.

Export calendars

Typically, export is the reverse process of Import, and is done to transfer the events from the Zoho Calendar to an external calendar.

  1. Click on Settings on your Zoho Calendar.
  2. Select "My Calendars" option from the left pane.
  3. Choose the calendar you want to export and click on the "Export" button of that calendar. You will be prompted to save a file named "calendar.ics". Save this file to your hard disk.


Export select events

Just as we enable you to export calendars, there is an option of exporting certain events alone. First, you need to search for events using the "Search box".

  1. Listed events will have check boxes beside them. Click on the check box of every event you wish to export.
  2. Click on the "Export" button located on the top left corner of the search page.
  3. You will be prompted to save an ICS file which would contain the selected events only.

Export calendar as iCal URL/HTML URL

Exporting the calendar events as an iCal URL can be done as follows:

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Select "My Calendars" option from the list on the left.
  3. Of the calendars listed on the right pane, click on "Share" link.
  4. The second option would be "Enable private address for this calendar". Click on the check box to enable this option. You will get two links, "iCal URL" and "HTML URL".
  5. You can use the ICAL URL for sharing the calendar with others, and the HTML URL for embedding the calendar on a website.

You can allow others to view your calendar by sharing this private iCal URL with them. You can revoke the sharing permissions by clicking on the "Reset" button. This will generate a different URL for future sharing, and the old one will become futile.


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