Files on the move.

For people who do a lot of work on the go, mobile phones are the new laptops. Do away with the hassle of opening your laptop every time you want to view a file.

Work in real time wherever you go.

Grant access based on each team member's functions.

  • Stay informed about what's happening with your team. Edit and share files while waiting for your client, when at home, or while on vacation with your family.
  • If you see a billboard that catches your eye or if you want to save images from an event, just save and move those pictures to the cloud with a single click.
  • Have screenshots of your product that need to be shared across teams? Use Zoho Docs as an online library and give everyone access to the information they need.
  • Spot your documents instantly. Find scanned copies of your passports, flight tickets, and ID - all at your fingertips.

Docs Scanner.

Digitize all your files. Take photos of documents, extract the content as editable text, and save it to your Zoho Docs account.