Zoho CRM Integration

Customer details, Up-to-date.

You only service what you sold. Information about your customers is really important while answering tickets.

Zoho Desk automatically pulls customer information from Zoho CRM. All of it is automatically kept up-to-date too.

Put a Face to Every Ticket.

By themselves, tickets contain very specific and situational information. More often than not, that's too little to deliver awesome customer service. With comprehensive customer information pulled in from Zoho CRM, you'll see the person behind the ticket and have so much more context while answering the ticket. Close tickets, but open the door to great customer relationships.

Know More, Sell Better.

Happy customers tend to give you more business. Relevant ticket information is pulled in from Zoho Desk, so your sales reps can understand the customer's recent interactions with the company. Your sales team can easily identify happy customers and find more sales opportunities.

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