Make your Helpdesk Social Media Friendly

From a customer service perspective, social media have the ability to alter a company’s reputation, brand and bottom line. This emphasizes the need for businesses to be proactive and build a customer service social media program that is an integrated component of their customer support process. Realizing this a lot early, we have integrated Zoho Desk with the most popular social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. Beside your traditional customer support channels you can now respond to your tweets and posts, all from within Zoho Desk. So jump on the bandwagon by connecting your social accounts, to provide support real time every time.

Provide Support from a Unified Spot

No more juggling between your social media accounts. Respond to customer’s tweets and posts under the Social tab by simply switching between Facebook and Twitter views.

Capture Social Interactions as Tickets

Convert your Twitter and Facebook conversations into tickets. Get your conversation started on social media, then moving it to your meticulous customer ticketing system. This ensures your customers a richer support experience.

Emergency Escalation

Get notified when you receive a flurry of tweets matching your escalation keyword(s) in Twitter. The escalation procedure triggers an e-mail/SMS alert once a preset threshold of tweets is received within a set period of time.

Route Tickets to Departments

Have you setup multiple departments? Create requests from tweets/posts in a chosen one. Provide keyword(s) for each department, so they are routed to the appropriate one when matched with the customer conversation.

Think beyond 140 Characters

Providing support in a 140-character world is difficult. But you can overcome this taboo using Zoho Desk. Take your conversation off social media and connect with customers over tickets. You can also associate social profiles to your contacts.

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