Help Desk Automation

Service-levels, contracts et al.

An organized desk is the sign of an organized mind, they say. Works the same way with help desks too. Organize all your customer service efforts with basic help desk automation from Zoho Desk.

Add your business hours and a list of holidays. Use service-levels and contracts to ensure you deliver all your commitments. All your advanced automation rules are based on these basic building blocks.

Every ticket finds its match.

Tickets have to be assigned to agents before they can be answered. But doing that manually is such a waste of human potential. So we've just taken ticket assignment and automated it. Just set some criteria and create rules. Watch every ticket meet its perfect match in your team.

Escalate tickets. Avoid disasters.

We've all seen those once-in-a-while tickets where a timely response couldn't go out. For managers, it's really important that these tickets be brought to their notice immediately past due time. With a simple set of rules, tickets get escalated automatically based on SLAs. If that's not enough, they can be automatically assigned to another agent too.

Knock, knock. Here's a notification.

Trust and transparency are twin brothers. Be it customer service or anything else, they always work hand-in-hand.

Customers have to be notified of updates in their tickets and agents have to be notified of customer responses. All of this can be automated. If that's not enough, you can even customize the look and feel of these automated notifications.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

It's such a pain to manually dig up inactive open tickets and close them. That's just one of the several things that can be automated via time-based action rules. Setup time-based criteria and create rules. It's 'time' for automation, get it?

Flexible, all-encompassing workflow automation

Processes are to business what a skeleton is to the human body. They're not visible to the outside world but they make all the difference.

Workflow process automation in Zoho Desk is designed to be extremely flexible while being simple to implement.Automate frequent activities and processes. Improve your team's productivity. Deliver more happiness.

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