Zoho Mail User Guide

We felt that searching for an added event should be made easy, just as adding it was. It is why we have classified the search into two categories, listed and elaborated below.

Basic search

The search box is located beside the "Print" icon. Before you type the title of the event to search for, you have to

  1. Click on the arrow on the search box and specify the approximate occurrence of the event (all events, this month's events, this week's events, today's events and future events). If you are not sure, select "All Events".
  2. On doing that, you can type the title of the event in the box and press "Enter".

If you are not quite sure of the title, let that not stop you. You could search by any letter that might be in the title.

Advanced search

The advanced search helps you in finding the exact event you wish to locate, using four parameters. They are Title, Calendar Name, From date and To date. These four parameters will be visible when you click on the "Advanced Search" icon located on the top right corner of the search results page. You can specify all four parameters for optimizing your search. Clicking on "Go" will initiate the search.


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