Zoho Mail User Guide

It is not only by using a computer that you can access your calendar. We provide alternatives for those critical times when you are not at your desk.

Zoho Calendar on your mobile

We enable you to access your calendars even on your mobile phones. Use a Mobile Web Browser on iphone, android, blackberry, windows phone and nokia smart phones to access Zoho services. You can view your calendars in, both Day and Month views, and add new events as well. Smart Add feature too is supported on mobile. Are you having a different mobile from the ones mentioned above? You may still try accessing our mobile website which would work fine. Should you run into any issues, you can let us know details about your device. Write to us at support@zohomobile.com.

Zoho Gadgets

These gadgets can be embedded into your website, social networking sites such as Orkut and Facebook, and even on your iGoogle home page. Certain applications like Gmail, Blogspot, MySpace. etc., support OpenSocial XML, which can accommodate our gadgets too. Once embedded into your most frequently visited social sites, you will be able to access our applications even without having to open a separate browser window. The gadgets we offer are classified into three as

  1. Product gadgets
  2. Business gadgets
  3. Utility gadgets

In order to try them out right away, click here.

Zoho Business

Zoho Calendar has also been integrated with Zoho Business. This allows you to view your calendars from Zoho Business itself. This comes handy when you work across multiple applications with Zoho Business as your access portal. You can perform any function on the calendar within Zoho Business as you would do on Zoho Calendar, and it will be updated instantly.


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