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Adding events alone is not going to be of great assistance in keeping up to the appointments. We thought you should be reminded of those events well in advance, which is why we have added two notification options on our calendar. In both cases, you can either choose to be reminded via an email or just by getting a pop-up notification or both.

Reminders can be broadly classified into two types:

Event specific reminders

To set reminders for inpidual events:

  1. Click on "Create Event" link.
  2. In the "Remind me" section, click on "Add reminder".
  3. Choose from the drop down box, the type of notification you would like to receive, and when you should be notified.
  4. Save the event to set the reminder.

For an already created event, you can set reminders by editing the event.

Calendar specific reminders

Generic reminders can be scheduled for all events of a calendar. This way, even if you are adding an event using smart add feature, you can be sure you will get a reminder for that event. You need not schedule inpidual reminders.

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Choose "My Calendars" or "Others' Calendar" based on which calendar you want to schedule reminders to.
  3. Of the calendars listed on the right pane, click on "Details" link of the required calendar.
  4. Below the embed URL, you will find the "Add reminder" link. Click on it to schedule calendar specific reminders.


  • In order to receive the pop-up reminder, you will have to be logged into the calendar application.
  • If you have assigned a pop-up reminder, but are not logged into any Zoho application when the alarm is triggered, then instead of a pop-up, a reminder email is sent to your preferred email address.


During importing of events, those events might have event specific reminders. The calendar to which you are importing those events might have calendar specific reminders. In such a case, you will be prompted to replace the event specific reminders with the calendar specific reminders.

This prompt will appear in a dialog box with two options. If you choose "yes", the event specific reminders will be removed. If "No", the event specific reminders will be left as they are.


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