Zoho Mail User Guide

Created events can be rescheduled, renamed, and reminders can be reassigned. Any function performed on an already created event is termed as modification.

Edit an event

  1. Click on the event you would like to edit. This brings up an event edit dialog box. Select "Edit" link from it.
  2. Make the required changes to the event in the edit event window.
  3. Click on "Save" to update the changes.

Let us presume the event you edit was scheduled to repeat itself. In such cases, you will be prompted to save the changes only for that particular occurrence or for all future occurrences. The options on that prompt are:

  1. "Only" will modify that particular occurrence only.
  2. "All" will save the changes to all occurrences of that event.
  3. "Future" will alter only those occurrences that are yet to come.
  4. To discard the changes made, click on "Cancel".

Quick edit

  1. In the day and week views, the event duration can be extended or reduced by clicking and dragging the events bottom edge.
  2. In month view, you can alter the date of the event by dragging it to a new date.


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