Zoho Mail User Guide

Invite Others and Track RSVP's

With Zoho Calendar, you can invite your friends, colleagues and family to the events which you host, just as they can invite you. Before sending the email invitation, you can even check the availability of your friends you wish to invite.

  1. Click on the event to which you would like to invite others. Select "Edit" link from the dialog box that appears.
  2. Go to "Invitation" section, click on "Add Attendees" link and a text box opens.
  3. Type the email address of the attendees in the text box. Also check their availability by clicking on the Free/Busy link.
  4. Click on "Save" button to update the changes.
  5. An email invitation will be sent to the attendees. It contains a unique URL with which attendees can view and update their responses.
  6. Additionally, a pop-up with status update options will also be displayed to the invitees. They can update their status on it too.


  • This option is available to non-Zoho users as well.


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