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Free/Busy view

Be it business meetings or family gatherings, you can schedule the event considering the convenience of all the invitees. Free/Busy option in Zoho Calendar enables you to do so, as follows:

  1. Click on "create event" link. (You can add attendees to an existing event too by editing it.)
  2. In the "Invitation section", click on "Add Attendees".
  3. Type the email address of invitees in the field. Multiple invitees can be added, separated by comma.
  4. Click on "Free/Busy" link.
  5. A Free/Busy dialog box will appear. The time slots on which the invitees are busy will be indicated in red.
  6. If any of your invitees is busy on the proposed date or time, you can find the next time slot on which they are free. Click on the link, "Find next available free time" to know when they will be free.
  7. You can add invitees to the list here too, by typing their email address in the "Attendees" field.

The next available free time slot can be searched in two time regions:

Any time throughout the day


Working hours only

Select the criteria using the drop down box at the top right of the Free/Busy dialog box.


  • "Free/Busy" will highlight only the next time slot on which all the invitees are free.


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