Manage Your Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is the perfect solution for your email marketing needs. You can create, customize and send email campaigns in a jiffy.

In this section we will take a look at the process of creating an email campaign, the great customization options that Zoho Campaigns provides and explore tools like merge-tags or the "Add Comments" feature.

Creating my Email Campaign

We can create an email campaign using Zoho Campaigns in three simple steps:
Design and Configure your content. Choose the recipients. Send the campaign.

Explore the following aspects of creating a campaign:
Basic Details | Configuring Content | Choosing Recipients | Sending the Campaign |
Linking YouTube/ Vimeo to my Email Campaign

Customizating my Email Campaign

Add a touch of personality to your campaigns. Set color themes, update header & footer and personalize them with easy-to-use merge tags:
Header & Footer Customization | Personalizing my Email Campaign | Social Share Tags

Engaging subscribers and promoting discussion via my Email Campaigns

Use the "Add Comments" feature to find out what your users say about your campaign/product:
Add comment | Insert Comment Merge Tags | View Recipient Comments | Managing Comments

What more can I do with my Email Campaigns?

Follow up on recipients who leave your campaign unopened. Learn how to create a chain campaign, and how to clone, edit, and delete them:
Chain Campaigns | Clone a Campaign | Editing a Campaign | Delete a Campaign

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