Create Video Email Campaign

Adding Video to my email campaigns

You can link videos from YouTube and Vimeo in your email campaigns in the form of thumbnail images using media based merge tags. Lets see how to create a video based email campaign.

Creating Video Tags for my email

To add a video from YouTube or Vimeo in your email campaign, you need to create Video Tags.

  1. Go to Settings module --> click Merge Tags.
  2. In Merge Tags page, click the Media Tags subtab.
  3. In Media Tags page, click Add Video button.
  4. This will prompt you to add the video related details.
    • Name:  Give a name for your video
    • Select the source of Video
    • Video URL: Enter the video URL

  5. Click the Proceed button.

  6. This is followed by a thumbnail image of video. Click Save to proceed.

Your Video Tag is created and can be added to your email campaign.

How do I create a video based email Campaign?

Basic Details

Go to Email campaigns module, click Create Campaign or go to Home module. In Getting Started page, Click Create Campaign.

In the Create Campaign page, enter the campaign details such as Campaign name, subject, sender’s name, etc.

Field Description
Campaign Name To identify the email.
Campaign Subject A suitable subject line to describe your Campaign.
Sender’s Name Mention your name or your organization’s name.
Sender’s email address Specify your business email address. (The email address associated with your Zoho Campaigns account will be set as sender address by default).
Reply to Address This should be the same as sender’s email address.


In this step, you add the video merge (media) tags to your email content.

  1. Select a template for the email.
  2. In content configuration page, copy and paste the video merge (media) tags to add the thumbnail image of video.
  3. You can find these video merge (media) tags to the right side of the Content Editor.


  • Avoid using multi-column templates while using media tags.
  • Do not add text content next to media tags.

Select Recipient

1.       In Choose Recipients page, select the mailings list(s).
2.       If you’ve not created any list you’ll be asked to create one. Learn how to import Contacts.

Send for Review

Before you send your campaign, it is reviewed by our moderators who check the content, subject line and mailing list and verify anti-spam compliance. 

Send Campaign

In the Delivery options page, you have three different options:

  • Send Immediately - To send your mails immediately.
  • Schedule Delivery - To schedule the emails to be sent later.
  • Send later in Recipient's Time Zone - To send emails based on each subscriber's time zone.