Zoho Campaigns for iPhone

The Zoho Campaigns app

The Zoho Campaigns App for iPhone offers on-the-go email marketing for your iPhone/ iPod Touch. You can access campaign related information like viewing recent campaign activities, reports & stats and perform tasks such as filtering campaigns based on status, and creating mailing lists & contacts.

How do I install the Zoho Campaigns app?

You can install the app on your iPhone in two ways:

  • Download and Install the Zoho Campaigns application from the App Store within iPhone.
  • Download Zoho Campaigns through iTunes and synchronize with your iPhone.

Learn more about installing the Zoho Campaigns app for iPhone

What are the features of the Zoho Campaigns app?

Access Campaigns on the go – Access your Campaigns data from your iPhone/ iPod touch, anytime and anywhere.

Recent Activities - Tap Recent to view recent activities pertaining to your campaign account.

Receive Notifications – You will receive notifications on you iPhone that the email campaign has been reviewed successfully. 

Filter Campaigns based on status- Filter Campaigns based on status to get the information you are specifically looking for.

Reports & Stats - View real-time reports for sent campaigns. This will be a quick summary of sent campaigns and includes a report and recipient activities such as open and click rate.

Work offline - Access the Campaigns present in your iPhone local device. It means once you sign in to your account, all data except “Contacts” will be stored in your local device (iPhone). 

    1. Work on your iPhone while you are offline or don't have network coverage.
    2. Create mailing lists and add contacts.
    3. Synchronize the changes made (while offline), to your online account, when your device reconnects to the network.

Geo Map Location of Opens - This feature gives you a location based report. You can use this to see from where your campaigns were opened by your subscribers.

Social Media Reach – View your campaigns reach through various social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Share Campaign Reports via Email - Share campaign reports summary by sending an email to other members of your organization or anyone you want to share the info with.

Synchronize your data changes - Add contacts from your iPhone. Learn to add contacts via your iphone. These changes will be synchronized automatically.

Search on server - Search for campaigns, mailing lists and contacts present in your Zoho Campaigns account using the search feature. 

List Overview – This feature lists the number of active, bounced and unsubscribed contacts as well as number of campaigns sent and number of campaigns scheduled for this list.

View User Agent Statistics – View the devices (computer, tablet, and phone) and software (OS, Email Clients and Web browsers) used by subscribers to view your campaign.