Adding Tasks​

Reviews and approvals on documents need to be made in time to achieve team or organizational goals as planned and Zoho Docs makes it easier to do so, with its Tasks feature. The Tasks feature helps you streamline the process of assigning tasks to individuals. It also makes it easier to keep a track of what you need to do. Zoho Docs lets you assign tasks to individuals and keep a track of what task has been assigned to whom and when it is due for completion.

With the Zoho Docs Tasks feature you can:

Document Version Control

In Zoho Docs Online Document Management, version control lets you track your files over time. You can manage your document review process by creating and maintaining multiple versions of a document. Files are saved as they are edited, and also you can revert the file back to the previous version without any new changes that has been made to the document. Version control allows you to find the differences and modifications between files.

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