Secure Sharing

Zoho Docs-Online document management provides an easy, reliable and secure way to share files and folders. It acts as a centralized repository, where you can upload and store all your documents and share them with multiple users in your organization working in different locations.

With Zoho Docs, sharing becomes simpler. It's user-friendly interface lets you keep a track of all the files you have shared with others and what others have shared with you. It provides various sharing options where you can either share files or folders to individuals or a group internally or to external partners, clients and customers.

Share Files and Folders as Link

Quickly share individual files or folders as links. Links are a great way to share files, especially when you want to share a folder with a large group of people. You can simply email the link to individuals or share with the whole organization by posting the link in a common organization forum or blog.

Share Folders Securely

Zoho Docs keeps your information always secure online. Folders can be shared to members outside your organization, such as partners, clients, customers and other stake holders. In such cases, if any of your document contains sensitive or highly confidential information, you can make it secure using a password. Password-protected documents can be accessed only by those people with whom you have shared the password.

Embed Folders in a Blog or Website

With the possibility to embed folders in a blog or website, you will now be able to share your content to a wider audience such as the readers of your blog / website. Zoho Docs helps you to manage your web content in a more efficient way. Whenever your website content needs an update, you just have to edit the documents within the shared folder and see the changes taking effect on your site too.

Work Together More Effectively

Zoho Docs allows you to share files to your team and lets you decide on who can view or edit your files. While you are working on a project, it's easy to organize multiple files into folders and share them instantly with your team. Any member of the shared folder can edit or update the files and the changes made can be instantly viewed by the members of the shared folder. That said, your team always gets to access the latest content.

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