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Word Processor

Zoho Writer sports a new, refreshing and intuitive user interface. It is the word processor designed for you, the next generation web citizen. Built using AJAX technology, it's fast and revolutionizes the way you work with documents. Having all your documents online (and offline too! we'll get back to that later!!), you have access to them from any computer, at home or at work. And no more emailing them back-and-forth to your colleagues, clients or friends for review, thanks to its instant collaboration, inline commenting and chat facilities.

Editor Operations

In addition to providing basic features like bold, italics, underline, it allows user to change the case of a block of text, to lower case, upper case or capitalize (also known as Title Case or Start Case). You can create links, bookmarks, insert images, headers and footers.

Real Time Editing

Documents can be shared, opened, and edited by multiple users at the same time facilitating collaboration in real-time. Each collaborator is assigned a different color, so its easier to know during collaborative editing, which user is making changes to the document.

Contextual Comments

Zoho Writer allows inserting of contextual comments, which are very useful when reviewing documents.

Inline Spell Check

Spell-check feature is available in more than 75 different languages. So it doesn't matter whether you are typing your document in French or Swahili.

Format Painter Tool

Lets you copy the formatting you’ve applied to a specific section of text to another section using the paint format tool.

Equation Editor

Equation Editor comes very handy for writing mathematical stuff. It has become a useful tool for students, engineers, scientists and professors who write their papers that involves lot of equations. Now the equation editor is equipped with a nice little option that allows them to change the background color for the texts, equations and symbols.

Page View Editing

Users can edit their documents in "Page View" mode and get to know the print-layout of the document real time.

Offline Editing

You can view and edit documents even when you don't have an Internet connection. Zoho Writer will automatically sync contents when you go online.

Ruler and Tab Stops

Enables you to quickly align paragraph text. Tabs stops enable alignment of texts at precise points on the line between the left and right margins.

Custom Styles

Allows setting of default font, font size and other style option to be used with all documents. Allows Creation of Style Set for future use is to pick an existing one, tweak it to your liking, then save it under a new name.

Mail Merge

Mail merge helps users create and print multiple copies of a particular document from pre selected list of DataSource to be sent to different recipients.

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