Advanced Domain Authentication

Email Authentication

Email marketing has been highly hampered due to the arrival of spam emails and this has reduced the effectiveness of email marketing. In order to protect their email users, the email service providers make a strong anti-spam filter and unfortunately, sometimes legitimate emails also land up in these spam folder.

Sometimes, spammers pretend to be genuine and it is these spammers who come up with abusive and phishing messages. Ultimately, the victim is the domain owner whose brand name is tarnished by these spammers. In order to avoid such problems, we’ve come up with an advanced mechanism called Email authentication which would protect your domain name from such misuse.

Why do you need email authentication?

This is an important question which revolves around the users and they wonder when their email is already landing in the inbox perfectly, what is the point in going for the advanced authentication. Let’s take a look at why you should go for this advanced authentication.

  • Easiest method to improve your email deliverability.
  • To prevent the misuse of your domain.
  • To enhance the ability of your campaign landing in the inbox.
  • To make your domain as authentic sender and build mutual trust.

Learn how to setup SPF/ Sender ID and Domain Key/ DKIM text records in your domain's DNS settings?

Methods of Email Authentication

There are different ways to authenticate your email domain to protect from these spammers.However, we’ll discuss in detail about these authentication methods.

Setup for Unverified Domains | SPF/ Sender ID | DomainKey/ DKIM