Deliverability Guide

Email marketing campaigns and the success associated with it, is directly relative to the deliverability safety measures you follow and your provider provides you with. Make sure you go with the right provider who is well updated with technology and who takes that extra mile to make sure your emails are delivered straight into the inbox. We definitely do!

There are certain must-do measures to be taken from our side and some to be taken from your end.

Measures Implemented By Zoho Campaigns

As an email marketing provider, your email deliverability is our utmost priority and to make sure you're marketing the right way and not let your marketing go for a toss. To keep track, we've registered for -

  1. Third party relationship
  2. ISP relationship
  3. Auto Feedback Loops

Measures Implemented For Your Reputation

All certain done, there are certain factors we take as priority to go that extra mile exclusively for our valuable customers like you. We automatically handle the below cases:

  1. Spam Complaints - Those who mark your email Spam will automatically be moved to the Do Not Mail List which does not allow you to email them in future, even by mistake.
  2. Bounces- A case where your email does not get delivered to your subscribers due to the below reasons:
    • Hard bounce - A case where the email address is immediately moved to the Do Not Mail list. Resending will not happen.
    • Soft bounce - A case where we will retry sending your email automatically. Failing which, respective email address will be moved to hard bounce. Please note that we will retry sending for 3 days, failing which, respective email address will automatically be moved to hard bounce.
  3. Unsubscribes - We add an unsubscribe link in your email footer which is a mandatory practice in email marketing. Subscribers who aren't interested can safely unsubscribe by just a click and we make sure you do not email them in future.

Similar to the way we handle Spam complaints, we also handle bounce cases keeping such email addresses away from you, so that you don't email them even by mistake that can dampen your reputation.

Having said that, there are certain factors for our users (you) to keep in mind.

Measures To Be Taken From Your End

However, no matter how extreme a effort we take to keep marketing going smooth for all our users, we suggest, you follow some measures to experience email marketing the way you want and keeping out of trouble. Small ways you can keep yourself clean in a big way:

  1. Maintain a clean list - Avoid third party lists like purchasing/renting a contact list. You never know how valid those email addresses could be, are they valid or no, are they willing to receive your emails? These are all points you need to keep in mind while importing your list. If there are email addresses that bounced, stay away from emailing them repeatedly and avoid sending emails to invalid domains.
  2. Avoid being a pain in the inbox - If your recipient has previously indicated that they do not want to receive emails from you in future, it's better you stay out of the game. Once unsubscribed, make sure not to email them even by mistake. Repeated emails to a recipient who has indicated they don't want to receive your emails can be fatal.
  3. Avoid -Your users might fall in love with your mailers and would love to engage in a conversation with you and the team. At such cases, using an email address such as for the Reply To address could dampen your recipient's excitement. You never know, this could be business to you. So, refrain from using email addresses such as

There's more to what you could and shouldn't do. Please refer to email marketing Tips & Tricks.