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Online Document Management Software

Learn how Zoho Docs makes it easy to store files in any format, share them with individuals or groups and collaborate on documents as a team, in real time. You will find that Zoho Docs is an easy, secure and effective document management solution.

Document Management

  •   Private File Sharing
    Private File Sharing

    Learn how to share files in any format with individuals without having to email the files.

  •   Document Visibility Settings
    Document Visibility Settings

    Learn how to share files by setting different document visibility options.

  •   Workspaces
    Real-Time Collaboration

    See how one or more users can edit and collaborate on a document in real time.

  •   Group collaboration
    Group Collaboration

    See how you can use the groups function in Zoho Docs for team collaboration.

  •   Tasks

    Learn how to send your documents for reviews and approvals using Tasks.

  •   Full Text Search
    Full Text Search

    Use Zoho Docs full text search function to search and find what you're looking for.

Online Word Processor

  •   Inserting shapes
    Inserting Shapes

    Learn how to insert shapes in your document.

  •   Auto Spell-Check
    Auto Spell-Check

    See how to spell-check your document's content.

  •   Table of Contents
    Table of Contents

    Learn how to create 'Table of Content' in your documents.

  •   Exporting, Emailing Documents
    Export, Email Documents

    Learn how to export and email documents from Zoho Docs in different formats.

  •   Adding Bookmarks
    Adding Bookmarks

    Learn how to add bookmarks in your documents.

  •   Work Offline
    Work Offline

    Learn how to work offline in your documents.

Online Spreadsheets

  •   Conditional Formatting
    Conditional Formatting

    Identify variances in a range of values with a quick glance.

  •   Auto Filters
    Auto Filters

    Shows just what you want to see and hides the rest.

  •   Goal Seek Tool
    Goal Seek Tool

    Allows you to alter data in formulas to get different results.

  •   Macros

    Learn how to record a simple macro.

  •   Pivot Tables
    Pivot Tables

    Group and summarize large amounts of data using Pivots.

  •   Formatting your Text
    Formatting your Text

    Learn how to simply format your data in Zoho Docs spreadsheet.

For Admin

  •   Creating Your Organization
    Creating Your Organization

    Learn how to create your organization in Zoho Docs.

  •   User Management
    User Management

    Learn how to manage your organization members.

  •   SAML Authentication
    SAML Authentication

    SAML authentication for single sign-on (SSO) functionality.

  •   Password Policy
    Password Policy

    Admins can restrict / enforce password policies in an organization. Learn how.

  •   IP restriction
    IP restriction

    Learn how to set up IP restrictions.

  •   Admin Governance
    Admin Governance

    Learn how to use the eDiscovery, ownership change and user log functionalities.

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