What can Zoho Campaigns be used for?

Zoho Campaigns, a must use email marketing service for businesses of all sizes and segments. Zoho Campaigns can be used to send designer newsletters, announcements, product releases, updates and more. We not only improve your rapport with existing customers, we also help you acquire new customers.

Can I use Zoho Campaigns to send bulk emails to contacts I don't know?

No, we don't give way to spamming. We have not designed our tool for spamming. It is strictly, ONLY to send emails to your subscribers who opt-in for your newsletters, to any permission-based list, to your customers, colleagues, staff and students or any private email to your friends.

Do I require training to use this software?

No, you don’t need training to use our service. Our intuitive interfaces will make your job effortless. If you have basic knowledge in sending e-mails, then you can create, send and deliver your campaign in a jiffy.

Does using Zoho Campaigns require in-depth knowledge in HTML?

No, our simple editor will guide you to create or edit your messages. You can change fonts and colors; add images and links; increase and decrease indent; insert table, bullets or numbering; and many more.

How do I start using Zoho Campaigns?

Getting started with Zoho Campaigns is very easy.

Signup for a free account, send your campaign in just three steps and experience the feel of our features.