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Autoresponders are the highly exercised tools in the world of marketing automation, and are widely used in sending messages of all kinds -- from welcoming a new subscriber with a gift card to wishing a customer on his birthday. These messages bring customers closer to your business and you can, ultimately, enjoy a longer relationship with your beloved customers.

It is a tool that triggers messages based on a visitor’s activity on your Web site. It sends relevant e-mails to the visitors and the best part of using this tool is that once the e-mails are set to work, the whole process gets completely automated.

There are 3 types of Autoresponders

  • Sign-up based Autoresponder – Sent to those subscribers who joined your list by signing up using a form.
  • Date based Autoresponder – Sent to the recipients based upon a specific date which can be a birthday, anniversary or a specific day such as renewal of a subscription.
  • Closed Group based Autoresponder – Sent to a mailing list with a fixed number of recipients and used widely in product or event promotion.

Understanding Autoresponders

Understanding Autoresponders made easy using case studies which explains the different types of autoresponders with a practical approach along with the applications of each type.

Sign-up Based Autoresponder | Date Based Autoresponder | Closed Group Autoresponder

Creating Autoresponders

Create Autoresponders using our user-friendly interface that can make anyone to start an Autoresponder without any support of a programmer.

Create Autoresponder | Create Autoresponder based on segments | Create Autoresponder Message | Manage Autoresponder

Autoresponder Reports

Take a view on how your Autoresponder is performing using the Reports Summary and Recipient's Activity.

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