Hiring that Works your Way.

Find the Right Candidate, Right Now.

Attracting top talent is an important job. But it shouldn’t be your only job. Zoho Recruit makes it easy to find great people fast, with automated features that take the work out of recruiting, selecting and hiring the perfect person.

Parse Resumes

Parse multiple resumes and transfers candidate details directly into Zoho Recruit candidate database.

Post Jobs to Job boards

Post your jobs to multiple Job Boards directly from Zoho Recruit - Online Recruitment Software.

Leverage Your Website

Use the power of your brand to find the candidate of your choice. Post and customize open positions on your website—where job-seekers can instantly learn about your company and self-select based on their interests and applicability. You’ll attract a world of candidates aligned with your company and culture.

Publish Jobs in Website

Publish job openings in your website. This allows the candidates to apply for a specific job opening directly from the website.

Customize to match your brand

Customize your career website page to make it look and feel exactly the way you want it.

Candidate Management

Candidates are automatically entered into the Applicant Tracking System, where you can track their activity from sourcing to hiring. You’ll stay organized and in control every step of the way.

Track Candidate Source

Zoho Recruit helps you track the candidate source, automatically.

Schedule interviews

Track the candidates and schedule multiple interviews based on their progress.

Resume Management

Store and organize all your resumes—regardless of their source—in a single place for instant access. No more hunting or hassles.

Store Resumes Centrally

Populate the resume database from different source and manage them from a single place.

Advanced Search

Zoho Recruit's advanced search helps you locate candidates quickly by any keyword within profile, resumes, attachments, etc.

Clients and Contacts

Manage and monitor all communications between your clients and contacts. Keep a record of e-mails, calls and meetings to provide everyone with timely, personalized service.

Manage Clients and Contacts

Maintain all records - call logs, notes about the discussions and meetings made with client for future reference

Import from Zoho CRM and Google Apps

Easily import Clients and Client Contacts from Zoho CRM and Google Apps into Zoho Recruit.

Customized Workflows

Zoho Recruit easily integrates with your unique business needs. Set your own routing and review procedures, create customized notification templates, and more.

Add Custom Status

Integrate your workflow by adding custom status to the candidates and job opening modules.

Trigger Email Alerts

Automatic e-mail notifications allow recruiters to stay on top of new candidates, job openings and clients.

Communicate effectively

A complete Integrated solution with communication tools helps you engage effectively with Candidates and Clients


Zoho Recruit helps you to track all your email communication with candidates, clients and client contacts inside Zoho Recruit itself.


Send text messages to multiple candidates using Zoho Recruit!

Powerful Insight and Analysis

Seeing is believing. Zoho Recruit's Integrated Reporting makes it easy to create custom and ad-hoc reports so you can make better decisions, faster.

Create Custom Reports

Zoho Recruit helps you create your own custom reports with custom form fields.

Create your Own View

SUse a wide variety of charts, pivot tables and tabular view components to build insightful reports and dashboards.

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