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Email Hosting with Zoho

Email Hosting with Zoho

I have registered as an individual user with username@zoho.com . Can I have a domain based email address username@mydomain.com?

Yes, you can obtain your own domain based email address in the form of username@mydomain.com instead of username@zoho.com. Click Enable Mailhosting located on the top of options in your Zoho Mail integrated view and go through the simple steps that follow. If you do not already own a domain, you can buy a domain during the process of enabling Email Hosting. Else, you would have to verify the existing domain you own.Learn more.

What is the process for business mail hosting?

Mail hosting with Zoho is a very simple 4 step process.

  1. Add and Verify domain
  2. Enable Mail hosting
  3. Add users, Create Mailboxes
  4. Change the MX Records

Learn more.

I can send emails from Zoho. But why am I not able to receive emails in Zoho?

If you are able to send using your domain based email address in Zoho, but not receive emails, you need to modify the MX Records of your domain to point to Zoho. The two records that need to be added to receive emails are listed below:

Address Priority
mx.zohomail.com 10
mx2.zohomail.com 20

Learn more about MX Records.

When should I change my MX Records?

You need to change your MX Records after you have added user mailboxes. In case you have created users without mailboxes, the emails to your domain may be bounced. Hence ensure that you have verified your domain, created users mailboxes before you change the MX Records of your domain.Learn more.

I have changed my MX records but still I am not able to receive mail?

Sometimes the DNS changes take upto 24 hrs to take effect. The change depends on the TTL time set for your domain. You can check whether your MX records have been updated from the third party tools like www.mxtoolbox.com.Learn more.

What are SPF Records?

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is an email validation system designed to prevent email spam by detecting email spoofing, a common vulnerability, by verifying sender IP addresses. SPF allows administrators to specify which hosts are allowed to send mail from a given domain by creating a specific SPF record (or TXT record) in the Domain Name System (DNS). Mail exchangers use the DNS to check that mail from a given domain is being sent by a host sanctioned by that domain's administrators. 

The valid SPF Record for Zoho hosted domain is : v=spf1 mx include:zoho.com ~all .Learn more.

Can I create Distribution Lists in Zoho Mail?

Zoho Mail supports Categories in Zoho contacts where you can add different contacts to categories. These categories can be picked from the address book when you send an email. If you are hosting your domain with Zoho, you may also define Groups, which offer more flexibility than Distribution lists or categories. Learn more about Groups.

What is the cost per mailbox and what are the various plans available.

The various plans and the pricing details are available in the ‘Pricing page.

What are the options available for Customization ?

You can customize by adding Logo to your business account. On adding Logo, when the members of your Organization log in to their respective email accounts, the Logo added by you will be reflected across their accounts.
You can also use the CNAME Records of your domain to customize the URL. The members of your Organization can log in to their mailbox at mail.yourdomain.com.

When I create an email account from the Admin console providing an Email address, it says ‘User in Invitation List’. What should I do now.

When you sign up for a Zoho account, you will register using an email account. That email address will be your Primary email address.
When you create an email account in Zoho Control Panel, that email address may be already registered for some other account. In such a case, an invitation email will be sent to the other Zoho account, requesting the user to join your Organization.
Once the user accepts the invitation, they will be a part of your organization.

When I create an email alias from the Admin console, it says ‘Email already exists’. But I have not created the email address in Zoho yet?

When your create an alias with an email address that is already registered for some other account in Zoho, you will see that ‘Email already exists’. In such a case, you need to change the Primary email address of the other account in Zoho, to create the email alias in your Organization.

What is Mail Policy ?

Mail Policies are the limits or restrictions you can use to control the email behavior for different sets of users in your Organization. Refer Mail Policy for more information.

I want to ensure that my employees do not download or attach certain types of attachments.Is there a way to restrict attachment types for my Organization?
Is there a way to restrict attachment types, domains etc for selected Group of People?

You can specify the attachment restrictions, domain restrictions etc in a customized Mail Policy in the Control Panel. Zoho Mail also allows you to associate different Mail Policies for different set of users.

My Organization handles very secure data. Is there a way to specify a range of IP address, from which my Organization can be authenticated?

You can add IP restriction in Zoho Mail to ensure that certain set of users or your entire Organization logs in only from a particular range of IP Address. However, ensure that the Super Admin is able to login without any issue and the IP address range is static in your Organization.

Currently I use an email provider with whom I have a lot of emails classified as folders. Is there a way to migrate those emails into my Zoho account, in case I switch my hosting to you?

In case your Email Provider allows IMAP Access of your accounts in the existing server, you can do an IMAP Migration to migrate in your entire set of emails to the corresponding accounts in Zoho using the Migration Tool in the Admin Console.

I have a lot of Contacts in Excel format. Is there a provision to import those contacts into Zoho mail?

You can import contacts in CSV format in Zoho Mail. You can also import your Gmail, Yahoo contacts directly from the Import option in the Contacts Application (contacts.zoho.com).

How can I add shared contacts for the Organization, so that all members of my Organization, have access to it in their Address books.

When you login as a Super Administrator to contacts.zoho.com, you will have the permission to Add, Edit or Delete Shared Contacts.

I am planning to migrate my users from GApps hosted account to Zoho. Is it possible to migrate without loss of any data?

You can start the migration after you point the MX Records to Zoho. After you complete the steps mentioned in the Mail Hosting process, and start receiving emails in Zoho, you can schedule migration for users in batches of 10. Since you would have started receiving emails in Zoho, there will not be any loss of data.
The duration of the Email migration will be based on the amount of data you have in your GApps accounts.


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