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1. Is it possible to set privilege on who can view the contacts?

2. How to view the import details of recently imported contacts?

3. What are the file formats which are accepted to import contacts to Zoho Campaigns?

4. What the difference is between unsubscribe from a mailing list and unsubscribe from the account?

5. How do I export contacts from Zoho Campaigns?

6. How to export bounced contacts?

7. How to export contacts present in do-not-mail registry?

8. How to view Import history?

9. How do I view other user’s contacts?

10. How to move contacts from do-not-mail list to active list?

11. How to import contacts to do-not-mail list?

12. How to move contacts from do-not-mail to active list?

13. How to delete contacts?

14. How to mass delete contacts?

15. How to move a contact from one list to another list?

16. How to search a contact?

17. How to view contact details?

List Management

1. Is it possible to display my past email campaigns on my website/weblog?

2. How to merge two mailing lists?

3. I want to receive a daily email report on new subscribers. Is it possible?

4. How to edit mailing list?

5. How to enable sign-up form subscription for a mailing list?

6. What are the file formats supported while importing contacts?

7. Where can I view the subscribers from my city, region and country?

8. What is user agent stats?

9. Where can I find the user agent stats?

10. Is there a maximum limit on adding contacts in a segment?

11. I want to send an Autoresponder to multiple segments of a mailing list. Is it possible?

12. I want to segment mailing list based on "country" (multiple countries) but it looks like you have restriction on the number of criteria.

13. How to create segment?

14. I have created a segment but I don’t see any contacts. Why?

15. What is a List key?

16. How can I view, add or organize other fields in subscribers detail view? What else can I view?

17. How to export a mailing list to your computer?

18. How to send an email campaign to a segment?

19. Can I create an Autoresponder for a segment?

20. How to clear a contact from a mailing list?

21. How to view other users’ mailing list?