Advanced Campaigns

Create Form based Email Campaign

 You can integrate your Zoho Campaigns account with Zoho Forms. This is an in-house integration and does not require a separate sign in to Zoho Forms. With this integration,  you can access the forms created in Zoho Forms and reach out to your users by creating form based email campaign. 

Use our customized templates designed for sending form based campaign and personalize them with form based merge tags. Before you create an email campaign, let us take a look at how the integration is done.

 Integrate Zoho Forms

To setup integrations, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to Settings --> Integrations
  2. In Integrations page, click Associate Account button related to Zoho Forms
  3. You can now access your forms in Zoho Campaigns 

Create Form Campaign

To create Zoho Form Campaign, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to Email campaigns --> Advanced Campaigns
  2. Click Zoho Forms Campaigns
  3. In the Basic Information page, add form name, subject, etc. and select the form from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Create Content button to proceed.
  5. In the Content page, you have an in-built template to send forms to your customers. You can customize the template as per your convenience.
  6. To view the form name and form link in your email,  Copy the associated merge tags and paste in the template (For e.g.  $[ZF:FORMURL]$ is the merge tag for  Form Link. 
  7. Save the template by clicking the Save & Close button.
  8. Select a Campaign theme which matches your template design and select the list of contacts to send the Zoho Form Campaign.
  9. Once, the email campaign is sent for review and gets approved, you can send your Zoho Form campaign. 


  • You can find the form related Merge Tags to the right side of Template Editor
  • If merge tags are not added in form templates, the content will have a call-to-action button which will be redirected to form
  • The content page will be pre-loaded with one of our form templates. However, you can select regular template as alternative