Follow-up & Finish-up, Courtesy Zoho CRM.

Convert Chat to Lead and Add Potential.

Maximize the value of live chats with your website visitors. Interacting visitors are prospects for your business. Automatically convert your live chats into leads or contatcs and add potential. Push them directly into Zoho CRM, right from your chat window.

Hot Prospect Alert.

Never miss an opportunity to live chat with a hot prospect returning to your website for more information. Receive an alert in Zoho CRM the moment they land on your website.

Automate grouping of hot potentials and route them to your top agents. Infer number of potentials in pipeline, total potential value, and lead status right from your live chat window.

Assign Follow up Actions.

Most Website visitors do not convert into a customer during their first visit. An effective follow up mechanism ensures proper lead management.

Zoho SalesIQ allows you to assign follow up tasks available in Zoho CRM without leaving the chat window. Optimize your follow up process and sell smarter.

Previous Interactions.

Gain instant access to a prospects previous live chats and build stronger/personalized relationships.

Track relevant information like previous questions, interacted agents, feedback and chat history. Enable agents to access centralized interactions and respond accordingly.

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