Broadcast your presentation

Start the broadcast

Open the broadcast.

Opening the broadcast is simple. Remember, only the document owner can broadcast the presentation.

To open the broadcast follow these steps:

In the menu bar, click Share and then select Broadcast.

The broadcast window opens as below and you are ready to invite participants to start your broadcast.

Invite the participants and start the broadcast.

Once you are ready, you can start the broadcast and invite your participants.

To invite your participants follow these steps:

Step 1 : Invite your participants either by sending an email or by sharing the broadcast URL link.

Invite using email address

  • Click Invite Participants. This highlights the Invite Participants text box on the right panel.
  • Enter the email address of the participants inside the text box and click icon.

To add more email addresses separate them by commas. A maximum of 25 participants can be added.

Edit Invitation Message - This allows you to type a personalized invitation message before sending the invite.


Invite using broadcast URL link

  • Click Share the URL. This highlights the Broadcast URL box on the right panel.
  • Click icon, it selects the URL. Copy the selected URL.
  • Share the URL by pasting it into the blogs/websites or social media sites of the participants.

Step 2 : The participants receive the invite with a message - "Please wait for the presentation to begin."


A pop-up message appears on your screen when a participant joins the broadcast.

Step 3 : When you are ready to begin, click Start Broadcast and you will see the first slide on the broadcast screen.


Invite during broadcast - If you have not invited your participants before the broadcast, you can invite them while broadcasting using the "Invite Participants" icon on the right side panel.

Broadcast screen of the presenter.

During the broadcast, the presenter uses the broadcast screen options to make the presentation more understandable, efficient and engaging by highlighting the fine areas of the slide and helping you traverse between slides with less effort.

Right Side Panel : To check the upcoming slide, to move between the slides, to check your list of participants, and to invite them during the broadcast, use the features on the right side panel.

  • 1. Next Slide:

    To take a look at what's coming next, click icon.

    Notes: To view your speaker notes while you deliver and to keep track of the key points of your current slide, use Notes.

  • 2. Slide Preview:

    To get a thumbnail view of all your slides and to jump to a specific slide, click icon.

  • 3. List of Participants:

    To check the list of participants watching the presentation, click icon.

  • 4. Invite Participants:

    To invite your participants to join the broadcast, click icon.


Toggle View - To hide the chat panel and get an enlarged view of the broadcast screen, click » icon in the right corner of panel.

Navigation Panel : To highlight specific elements of a slide, use the features on the navigation panel.

Tracking Panel : You don't have to use your own phone or watch to keep track of time. Let our timers keep you on track, down to the minute. Pause, reset the timer, or stop the broadcast anytime.


To keep track of the time elapsed during your presentation, follow the Timer. Once the presentation begins, the clock will start recording the amount of time spent on each slide. You can also click on the pause button to take a break.


To freeze and mask the slide to make your participants focus on your narrative and not on the slide screen, click Blackout. To continue presenting, click Uncover.

Stop Broadcast:

To stop the broadcast, click Stop Broadcast.

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