Join the broadcast

Accept and join the broadcast

Accept the invite and join the broadcast.

Your participants can join the broadcast using the broadcast URL link sent by you in the invitation. Joining the broadcast is simple and does not require a password.

To join the broadcast your participants have to follow these steps:

Step 1 : The participant clicks the broadcast URL link sent to them through an email or other channels in their browsers. The broadcast window opens.

Participant's Window

If they join before the broadcast begins, they´ll see a screen that says - "Please wait for the presentation to begin."

Step 2 : The participant edits the guest name to add their name. The participant's name appears under the list of participants icon on the right panel.

Edit guest name

The guest name can be edited either on the welcome message screen or under the list of participants on the right panel.

Once the presenter starts the broadcast, the first slide appears on the participant's window.

First Slide

Broadcast screen of the participants.

During the broadcast, the participant can use the broadcast screen options on the right side panel to traverse between the slides, to check the list of participants joined the broadcast and to raise queries on the chat panel.

  • 1. Slide Preview:

    To get a thumbnail view of all your slides and to jump to a specific slide, click icon.

    The icon indicates the present slide displayed and the icon indicates the completed slides.

  • 2. List of Participants:

    To check the list of participants watching the presentation, click icon.


Get in sync - Your participant can jump to any of the completed slides and get in sync with the current slide broadcast by clicking the Get in sync button.

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