Automate Bugs

Bug Settings is spiced up with options that allows administrators to define business rules, workflows and classify the bugs just the way to fit your project needs. Consistent use of a bug tracking software is considered one of the hallmarks of a good software development team.

Bugs View

Organise and manage the bugs with effective custom views which helps you to stay focused on what is important and deliver the best for your customers. The Bugs View provides a consolidated view of the bugs filed along with the number of bugs that needs to be fixed in a crisp way.

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File Sharing

Manage all files of your entire organization from a central place. Upload and store different file types like .doc, .xls, .pdf, *.zip and videos files in the documents area. Our BugTracker even allows you to attach files from your zoho docs and google docs.

Bugs Dashboard

BugTracker offers a collaborative dashboard to see recent updates, so you can know what's going on and what your project team is doing. At a glance, you can view the latest activities like recent topics, upcoming milestones and bugs progress within few seconds.

Interactive Forums

Start a discussion, share an idea and keep the conversation flowing with an interactive discussion forums and build a community. By exchanging information with your development team can make big ideas come alive.

GitHub Integration

Git is an extremely fast, efficient, distributed version control system ideal for the collaborative development of software. It is the best way to collaborate with others by sending pull requests and manage all your public and private repositories.

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Bitbucket Integration

Do you want to host your source codes, manage and fix bugs online? If your answer is Yes then this is for you. The new Bitbucket integration lets you host and manage your Git and Mercurial repositories, see source commits and make code changes right from within Zoho BugTracker.

User Administration

Give every development team their very own space to create modules, assign user roles and set privileges. With Zoho BugTracker administrators are in total control and can get fine level of visibility of a project.

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