Stay on Top of Latest Activities with Dashboard

Any development projects can really be a pain, especially when you're working with software teams that is scattered across the globe. You need to feel that you're in total control of the situation. And Zoho BugTracker gives you all that. Our collaborative dashboard allows you to see the latest updates and stay on top of what's going on within seconds.

Stay on Top of what's Going on

Latest Activities gives a bird's eye view of all happenings in a project and helps you stay on top of what's going on in your project. It lets you see the updates across the project within seconds.

Share Updates with your Team

Tell your teammates about what you are working on, for example..Working on a report that a customer requested. You can also get a view of the status messages of your fellow project members, so it's easy to see what everyone is working on.

Latest Project Updates

Get to know about the key deadlines, hot topics or recent files being uploaded into the project workspace through Overdue Milestones, Recent Documents and Recent Forum Posts.

View Progress of Bugs

Gain insights about the progress of the bugs filed in a project with a visually appealing bug status report. Also you can view the number of open and closed details of bugs in a crisp way.

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