Automate Bugs the Way you Work

We’ve built a flexible and easy to use bug tracking application that you and your customers will love. Take a few minutes and learn how to customize your project with workflows, business rules and classify bugs easily to reflect your company’s unique needs.

Custom Workflow

Custom workflows lets you define individual workflows for different projects. Every workflow is made up of sequence of steps along with transitions. It's easy to customise workflows by editing an existing workflow or create one from scratch.

Trigger Mail Notifications

Trigger mail notifications to users for various events like when a bug got created, assigned or resolved. Simply set the notifications patterns for your bugs and you’re done!

Define Business Rules

Build a library of business rules that enables you to perform actions like change the severity and assign bug to a user. The Business Rule gets triggered whenever there is an update made to the bug.

Custom Fields

Create your own text, numeric and date field to track bugs the way you want using custom fields. For Eg: add a custom field called "Customer ID" to keep track of bugs reported by your customers.

Classify your Bugs

Want to classify your bugs ? It's easy. Bug Tracker provides a way to group the bugs into different classifications like Security, Performance and Usability to fit your project needs.

Configure Severity for Bugs

Configure severity for the bugs to indicate how bad a bug is and how much the bug disrupts users from doing their jobs. You can create severity like critical, major and minor for your project.

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