Keep your Code Safe & Secure with Bitbucket

Do you want to host your source codes, manage and fix bugs online? If your answer is Yes then this is for you. The new Bitbucket integration lets you host and manage your Git and Mercurial repositories, see source commits and make code changes right from within Zoho BugTracker.

Keep your Team in Sync

Easily link up your source code repositories hosted in Bitbucket into Zoho in a snap. Get your team to instantly see the code changes and work on it from anywhere right within Zoho BugTracker.

View your Code Changes

Code checked-in Bitbucket, gets displayed as changesets in BugTracker. And the best part is while you commit the changes if you have specified a bug ID in Bitbucket, it will be automatically linked to that particular bug in Zoho.

Stay on Top of What's Going on

Get to know about the latest happenings of your repository changes and stay on top of what's going on in your project. It also allows you see the latest code changes as changesets across projects within few seconds.

Discuss Changes with Commits

Discuss the source code changes, make modifications and get your team's approval. In addition, it also helps you to get clear picture of your bugs progress and ensures that you fix your bugs fast.

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