Custom Views for Bugs

Never let another bug slip through the cracks. With Zoho BugTracker, you can organize the bugs in an easy way that ensures you to keep track of every possible bug. So with this keep your developers focused, your customers in loop with the progress and put everyone on the same page.

Custom Views

Create your own custom views based on users, severity and stay focused on what's important for you. It lets you see the progress of a project and simplifies every step of tracking bugs.

View of Bugs

Submit and organize your bugs based on status, move and delete the bug - all from one place. The Bugs View provides a consolidated view to keep track of all bugs that needs to be fixed.

Track your Progress

Track your progress to ensure that improvements are made in your development projects. The bugs report provides a summary view of the open bugs based on severity and users.

View of Milestones

Milestones are a great way to monitor the progress and helps your project stay on schedule. You can have a full control of how it is progressing, get a clear picture of deadlines and ensures you hit your goals.

Export your Bugs

Export your bugs quickly in the desired formats (xls/csv) using the Export option in just a single click. Our BugTracker even allows you to filter bugs based on users, modules and export them for your needs.

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