Goodies to make things Better

Embed Join Widget in your Website

Joining a support session from your website or blog makes a big difference to your customer. They may feel it safe, easy and comfortable to join from your website. We offer a remote support widget which can also be customized to achieve this facility. It's a simple code which can be embedded in your website.

Reports - Details Matter

You can fetch detailed reports of the support sessions conducted whenever you need. The report will provide the session ID, customer name, date, duration and IP address of the remote computer. This can be used for review and billing.

Desktop Plugin for Easy Access

You can opt to use the Desktop plug-in (for Windows and Mac) to initiate and conduct your remote support sessions faster, right from your desktop. This will help you to get connected to the session quicker.

Help Me!

Whenever you feel the need for an on-demand help you can reach out to us even in the middle of the session. The 'Help me!' feature on your toolbar opens up a live chat window with our support team and the available support technician will help you. You can rely on us with this feature whenever you face any trouble and it helps you to run your support session smoothly.

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