What is Zoho Assist?

Zoho Assist is an application that makes a secure connection with a remotely located computer through the internet to control its keyboard and mouse. Support personnel can view the remote computer screen and perform actions to troubleshoot the remote computer.

How does Zoho Assist work?

Zoho Assist remote support sessions are made possible by a self-installing plug-in called remote desktop agent that runs on the remote system when the remote user accepts your invitation to start a support session. This enables you to control the remote machine's mouse and keyboard. The remote user can revoke control whenever he desires by selecting the option in the user interface.

What are the system requirements for using Zoho Assist?

Operating Systems: Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows 8, Linux (All versions), Mac (All versions) Web Browsers: Internet Explorer (IE 6+), Firefox(2.0+), Google Chrome, Safari (Java plugin required) Bandwidth: Minimum 128 kbps (256 kbps and up recommended)

How is Zoho Assist different from conventional Remote Desktop applications?

Conventional Remote Desktop applications require knowledge of IP address, computer name of the remote computer and configuration of network settings to make remote connections. On the other hand with Zoho Assist, you can make remote connections through a unique session-id sent as link through email or chat or entered at the Zoho Assist webpage. Connections can be made through firewalls, proxies or NAT.

Is Zoho Assist secure?

Yes, it is absolutely secure. All transmissions take place through Industry Standard Security using SSL/128-bit AES encryption protocols. This is the same standard used in Online Banking and Payment transactions.

Will I be at risk after my sessions since Zoho Assist works through firewalls and proxies?

No. Zoho Assist does not change any security settings with regards to firewalls, proxies and NAT. It works with these settings through outbound HTTPS/SSL connections. Once a session is terminated, the firewalls/proxies function as they were before your session.

Will I have problems connecting to systems in a corporate network?

No. Remote connections are possible through any kind of network as long as it is linked to the internet. Even if the corporate network is configured for protection by firewalls, proxies and NAT settings, Zoho Assist works with these security settings to establish remote connection.

Why do I get a warning about saving the Join.exe file? (Windows Only)

There is no need to panic. This is the automatic security warning displayed by most popular browsers while attempting to install activeX plug-ins. Join.exe installs the Customer Console, which is an activeX plug-in. It is not a malicious program or virus and it is not harmful in any way. It is solely for the purpose of enabling remote connection and control.

Do I need to install any software prior to making a connection?

No. There is no need to pre-install any software. The remote user will be prompted to run the remote desktop agent plug-in when they accept your invitation to join a session.

Are there time limit and no activity time-out periods during sessions?

There are no limitations or time-out periods in the professional edition. Your sessions will be active until you or your client terminates it. Note: If you are using the Free Edition, you have a limitation of maximum of 5 sessions in a month.

Are connections possible between systems running different operating systems?

Yes. Connections are possible between any combination of Operating Systems at the remote ends (Windows <-> Mac, Linux <-> Windows, Linux <-> Mac)

What types of files can I exchange with my clients? Is there any limit to the size of files?

All types of files can be exchanged through the built-in File Transfer interface. There are no limits to the size or number of files that can be transferred. Exchanges are unlimited in all regards.

How can I invite a customer for a remote support session?

There are multiple options to invite a customer. Please check help guide to know more.

Can multiple users gain control of a system?

Yes. While a 2-person session is on-going, more persons can be invited to share and access the remote computer. This way multiple person support is possible.

How do I invite more people to work on a client's system?/h2>

You can invite more people through the 'invite' button from the toolbar of the viewer (the application or browser window through which you will get connected to the remote computer).

Can the customer terminate the session when he/she wishes?

Yes. Your client can terminate the support session by clicking on the 'revoke control' button on the user interface whenever they deem it necessary.

My client did not receive the email invitation. What can I do?

If for some reason your customer did not receive the email invitation, you can provide the session-id and the joining web page address through phone to your customer and request him/her to join the session by entering it.

Nothing happens when my customer clicked on 'Join Session'. What can I do?

This happens sometimes due to browser settings. Not a problem. Your customers can click on the 'Run this Exe' link to initialize the remote agent plug-in setup file. The connection will be up and running in no time.

The response is very slow when I perform cursor actions on the remote computer. How can I make it faster?

The refresh rate is based on your internet connection bandwidth. Movements and responses may be slow while using a lower bandwidth connection. You can contact us for help if the refresh rate is very slow so that we can improve the speed by adjusting server mapping, if the mapping has a role in your case. Click 'Help Me!' button in the toolbar in your viewer so that you can get in touch with our support team even during the session.

Zoho Assist is not working in Mac. Why the window shows a security vulnerability and stops working, when i start a session in Mac OS X?

You might have clicked "Start a session" link in the home page, which opens a Java-based window to start the session. You should have encountered a notification saying your java plugin is outdated and has a security vulnerability. It may also ask you to update the plugin. Unfortunately, this is a Java related security enforcement made by Mac OS, which blocks outdated java plugin. Hence, you can either choose to update your java plugin from the link provided in the notification window itself and then start the session again or you can choose to download the Join.dmg (Shown as Download Application) to start the session.

How can i update my credit card details, in case it changes after subscribing to Zoho Assist?

Log in to Zoho Assist with your credentials. Click 'Manage Subscription' link in the home page. Click 'Update credit card details' button, enter the new credit card details in the following page and click 'continue'. Your credit card details will be updated and a page alert will inform the updation success.

How can i cancel my subscription?

Log in to Zoho Assist with your credentials. Click 'Manage Subscription' link in the home page. Click 'Downgrade to free' button, enter the downgrade reasons in the following window and click 'Downgrade now'. Your account will be downgraded to free plan and you will be notified with an email.

Will you send any receipt for the paid subscription?

Yes. You will receive the billing receipt in email for the initial subscription and subsequent renewals.

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