Securely Store, Share & Manage your Passwords

Store & Organize Passwords

Securely store all your passwords and organize them for easy access and management. Passwords are encrypted with the strongest encryption standard AES-256

Share Passwords

Safely share common passwords among the members of work groups in your organization granting varying access privileges

Direct Login

Launch direct connection to websites and applications without the pain of manually entering login credentials

Ownership & Roles

Establish clear-cut ownership for all your passwords. Assign roles for access controls Instantly remove access when a user quits.


Define your password policy and generate strong passwords, import passwords in bulk, export for secure offline access.


Protect online passwords with strongest known encryption, track activities through audit trails, gain visibility on 'who' has access to 'what' passwords and centrally control user access.


Access your passwords anytime, anywhere and even through mobile devices.

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