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Reports display the data collected via Forms. Every form, by default, has a report. The name is usually [form-name] report. Assume you have created a Form called "Employee". A default report named "Employee Report" will be created with all the fields in the Employee Form. Zoho Creator supports the following report creation formats. You can display your form data in the following formats:

  • List : Similar to a table view with rows and columns of data.
  • Calendar : Displays data in calendar format, based on a date field in your form.
  • Grid : Presents a tabular view of data, where each column represents a field and each row represents a record.
  • Summary : Displays the summary of each record.
  • SpreadsheetA spreadsheet view allows you to view data, cellularly arranged, in rows and columns.
  • Report Settings : The Report Settings page (applicable for list, summary, grid, calendar reports ) allows you to change the existing report type and its properties, set column properties, set criteria and filters, group records based on criteria, set access permissions, configure custom actions, create custom record summary pages and much more.
  • Pivot Table : A powerful view with data summarized in a grid, both in horizontal and vertical columns (also known as Matrix Views or Cross Tabs).
  • Pivot Charts : Provides a graphical representation of the data.

You can create any number of reports for a single form with the required name. Click on the Reports link displayed below the Form name in your dashboard page, to view all the reports related to the form.