Right tools at the right time.

Comments from reviewers getting in your way? We've introduced different modes so that your document is never cluttered with tools you don't need at that point in your writing process.


Giving you space to jot down ​your thoughts. Write easily ​with no distractions.


It's time to add other people to the equation. Tracking changes and managing comments has never been easier.


Finalizing your document, ​publishing it to blogs, and ​exporting it to .docx are ​just a few things you can do here!

Quick and easy ​Smart Toolbar

The most important tools for you, only when you need them.

The Visual edge

Not an expert in design? No problem. ​Transform lifeless documents to ​stunning ones! Save time with dozens of ​ready-to-use styles; customize ​them with the look you want.

More Templates, more Fonts, more fun!

Bring aesthetics to your document with over 300+ new font choices and built-in templates. Not enough? Save your own document as a template for easier access.

All at once.

Want to change formatting of similar ​headings? You no longer have to visit ​each one to do that. Select all of ​them at once and change them in ​one go with the 'Select All Text with ​Similar Formatting' option.

Better optimized for long documents.

Scrolling through pages and looking for topics is made easy with the new 'Document Map' feature. Display all the headings and sub-headings of a document in a navigation pane.

Real-time Collaboration - efficient and intuitive

Turn On / Off Live cursors.

Distracted easily by those cursors popping ​up all over your document? Now you can hide them.

Easily sorted comments.

Filter comments from specific users to view them on priority basis.

Follow Comments.

Get email updates about those ​important comments and replies ​you or your team made.

Accept/Reject all changes.

Sometimes, your team ends up with so many changes that you may want to accept all of them at once (or possibly reject them!). With the option to manage edits all at once, group editing becomes more efficient.

Sensitive data, safe even ​while collaboration.

'Lock' certain portions from users you ​aren't expecting changes from. 'Mask' portions so that certain data remains ​hidden from certain collaborators.

Effective distribution tools

Mark As Final.

It's the first step in publishing your ​document and an easier way of saying, ​''no more changes please!"

Digital Signature.

Easily obtain digital signatures in documents using any of the two e-sign services: Adobe Echosign and Docusign.

Post to Blog

Directly publish your files to WordPress, ​without having to upload them separately.

Getting Started with The New Zoho Writer

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