What is Email Marketing

You have a message. You have an audience. With email marketing, you can make sure you spread the message, stay in touch with your customers, and also engage them in an easy manner - thus building strong customer relationships.

Email Marketing is an effortless, but measurable method to reach out to your customers and engage them.

It's cost effective

You can deliver your message right to the inboxes of your audience by creating professional looking emails. It costs much lesser to reach a large audience than other direct marketing methods.

It's permission based

You can ask your subscribers to sign up for your mailing lists by adding sign-up forms or a 'Join-Mailing-List' button on your website. You build your mailing lists with the permission of your subscribers.

Reach target markets

Segment your customer lists based on interests or location. Send out target messages that are more relevant to the audience.

Monitor effectiveness

Track opens, clicks and responses. Email marketing makes it is easy to understand the performance of your efforts. It also helps you understand your audience better.

More customers, lesser efforts

Your most loyal customers can forward your newsletters to their friends and colleagues. You expand the reach of your campaigns and also get new customers.

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