Web Meetings made Simple & Secured

Unlimited Online Meetings

You may be in any subscription plan, we do not restrict the number of meeting you conduct with your Participants. Host unlimited number of meetings with your customers, clients and team members. Collaborate globally, reduce travel time & cost, increase turn over, and grow your business smarter.

Manage Participants with Viewing Options

In a case like giving a demo or presentation, Participants will only be viewing the remote screen, but on the other hand, like during a team meeting, there is a need to change presenter on the go of meeting. Manage your meeting Participants using 'Default Participant mode' setting. You can choose whether your Participants can join with 'View Only' or 'View and Present' mode and make your meetings more productive.

Instant Remote Desktop Control

Give customers hands-on experience of your product, rather than just showing them what to do. Give control of your desktop to customer and let him do it by himself. You can grant and get back the remote control of your computer to any Participant at any time during meeting. This enhances the product demonstration to your reputed prospects.

Host Highly Secured Web Meeting

All transmissions take place through Industry Standard Security using SSL/128-bit AES encryption protocols. This is the same standard used in Online Banking and Payment transactions. When you try to start meeting you may be asked for the security confirmation from the browser, which is 100% secure to do with. You will be intimated before sharing your desktop, so that the desktop is shared with your knowledge and assurance.

No Setting Hassles for Firewall & Proxy Network

Zoho Meeting works very well behind all proxy network connections. The connection process a breeze whatever be the firewall or proxy configuration at both ends. This ease of firewall traversal helps you to do better online meeting session by avoiding unnecessary technical hassles of allowing exceptions in proxy or firewall configuration. It also doesn't compromise internet security though.

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