Zoho Marketplace FAQ

Zoho 应用市场常见问题

    • 1. 什么是Zoho 应用市场?

      Zoho Marketplace is an online store where users can find and install extensions that expand the core functionality of their Zoho applications.

    • 2. 什么是扩展?

      Extensions are installable entities from Zoho Marketplace that let you do more with your business application. They provide feature enhancements, integration with other apps and many other special capabilities.

    • 3. 扩展是否安全?

      Yes, all the extensions in the Marketplace are thoroughly verified by our team and reliable to use. 

    • 4. 如何在我的Zoho 应用中使用扩展?

      Extensions are packaged code customized and designed to run inside Zoho apps. They facilitate seamless functioning with third-party applications.

    • 5. 我在哪里可以收到关于应用市场上新的扩展和集成的更新?

      We have a monthly newsletter that goes out to all our users. You can subscribe and stay informed about the latest news and updates. Subscribe now!

    • 6. 如何构建扩展?

      Use the tools and resources that Zoho provides to create 100% scalable business applications on the cloud. Expand Zoho's features by creating powerful extensions. Integrate with third-party apps, design intelligent workflows, and sell them in the Zoho Marketplace.

    • 7. 我已经构建了一个扩展,接下来可以做什么?

       After building an extension, you can either use it for your own internal business purposes or get some exposure by selling it to our customer base in the Zoho Marketplace.

    • 8. 我在构建扩展的过程中遇到了问题,可以寻求Zoho的技术支持吗?

      Absolutely! Our technical support staff are available to help you build your extension. Feel free to write to support@zohoextensions.com and we'll get your questions answered.

    • 9. 如何将我构建好的扩展放到Zoho 应用市场上?

      The process of listing an extension in the Marketplace is pretty simple: 

      1. Log in to Zoho Marketplace.

      2. Click the Submit Extension option from settings tab in the top-right corner of your screen.

      3. Fill in the resulting form and click Submit. 

    • 10. 开发扩展需要付费吗?

      We'll never charge a fee for extension development. We strongly believe that the technology we provide can actually change the way businesses work. For this to happen, partnership has to be affordable.

    • 11. 在应用市场上列出提交的扩展需要多长时间?

      Submitted extensions must be approved by our testing team they're published. This process usually takes around 2 weeks.