Creator API

REST API - List Forms and Views


To list all Forms and Views in an application:<format>/<applicationName>/formsandviews

where <applicationName> is the script name of the application as can be referred to here and <format> is the type of response format as listed below.


xml, json

HTTP Method



Parameter Name Usage Description
authtoken Required. A valid API authtoken. Refer for generating authtoken.
scope Required Specify the value as creatorapi
zc_ownername Required The owner of the application.



  • Only the owner can see the list of forms in an application.

Sample Request

<form method="GET" action="">
<input type="hidden" name ="authtoken" value="************">
<input type="hidden" name ="scope" id="scope" value="creatorapi">
<input type="submit" value="List Forms and Views in Application">

Sample Response

XML response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<application name="sample">
<displayname>Employee View</displayname>

JSON response

{"application-name":["sample",{"viewList":[{"viewCount":1},{"linkid":60,"displayname":"Employee View","componentname":"Employee_View"}],"formList":[{"formCount":1},{"linkid":153,"displayname":"Employee","componentname":"Employee"}]}]}

Error Codes

If there is an error in the request format, the corresponding error code with error message will be displayed. Please refer to the topic Error codes and descriptions for the list of error codes. If the operation is successful, the response message will be displayed with status as "Success".