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Plan Details

When you sign-in to Zoho Creator, you will be set with the Enterprise Edition on a trial period of 15 days. The Upgrade Now page displays the Zoho Creator pricing plan for each edition, highlighting your current plan. To go to your subscription page, click on Upgrade Now link displayed in the top-right corner of your Home page. 

  • Cost per user per month: Denotes the monthly cost involved for each plan per user.
  • Users: Denotes the number of users with whom the application can be shared.
  • Applications: Denotes the number of applications that can be created.
  • Records: Denotes the total number of records that can be maintained in your account.
  • File attachments (MB/user): Denotes the total size of file attachments allowed for upload.
  • Customer Portal: Allow users to login into a dedicated internal system and access restricted data. Read more here.
  • Emails: Denotes the number of emails that can be sent in a day.
  • Schedules: Denotes the number of schedulers you can set per month. Read more here.
  • Integration Api: Denotes the number of calls per day. Read more here
  • Webhooks:  Denotes the Zoho CRM webhooks, with which you can configure HTTP URLs and associate these webhooks in workflow rules. Read more here.
  • SMS Credits: Denotes the number of SMS messages that can be sent per month using Zoho Creator application. Read more here.

Subscribing to a Plan

Zoho Creator offers Enterprise, Professional and Standard User Plans. Each plan comes with specific features for specific requirements along with various add ons. To select the number of users, drag the green ball towards the right on the horizontal bar. You can choose to select a plan on a monthly/yearly basis. If you are a trial user, you have the option to buy a specific plan by selecting the Plan name and clicking on Upgrade. For example, if you want to buy the Enterprise plan, select the plan and click on the Upgrade button displayed at the bottom.

Selecting the Upgrade button, will display the credit card details page. Fill-in your card details on this page and click on the Make Payment button to process the transaction or click on the Cancel button to cancel processing and go back to the previous screen. If the transaction is successful, your plan will be updated.


Upgrade and Downgrade

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime by selecting the Upgrade / Downgrade button displayed at the bottom of the Pricing Page.

Update Credit Card Details

The credit card details page will be displayed only when you are subscribing for the first time. For subsequent upgrades or downgrades, the existing card details will be taken. To update your credit card details, select the Click Here to update your credit card details link displayed below the plan details.

Purchase Add-ons

Zoho Creator offers the following Add-ons that can be purchased at a monthly rate. The Add-ons that can be purchased and the monthly rates are displayed below the pricing details.

      • Customer Portal
      • Additional records
      • Additional file attachment
      • Additional emails
      • Integration API
      • Schedules
      • Webhooks
      • SMS Credits

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